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Pop music with forgettable hooks - 14%

Zodijackyl, December 22nd, 2011

Lacuna Coil are a long-standing, successful band that I'm not very familiar with. I checked out the single and I'm not really interested in the full-length.

The music is driven by colorless vocal lines, a call and response between the male and female vocalists. The vocal melodies are, at times, backed by a quiet but shrill synthesizer that really clashes with the slight pitch correction. I really don't like the overall tone, a softer vocal sound would make this style pleasant to listen to.

The instrumentation is plain modern-rock, drums/bass/guitars matched up in a tight, sterile manner. There's no flair to it, it's pretty mechanical and it might as well be a synthesizer backing the music. Nothing interesting at all, some really basic power chord grooves, but it leaves the leads of the song to the vocal melodies.

This is music led by vocal melodies, but it lacks memorable hooks and melodies. Despite having two dedicated clean vocalists, this song doesn't utilize that. Pop music does not work when the hooks are not memorable.