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Shockingly good! - 88%

Mr_Honest, February 24th, 2009

At one point Lacuna Coil was a very successful gothic metal band. Then they released Karmashi-, I mean Karmacode. The album was a big hit for the mainstream fans of music and just plain out sucked, the drums were boring, the guitars all sounded the same and the bass was nowhere to be found besides the song "Closer".

Shallow Life is soon to be released in April and their first single "Spellbound" has been released. I must say I am very surprised by this song and how well it works. At first when the song started I thought it was going to be another shitty mainstream song with boring riffs, but once it kicked up I was blown away. The guitars could use a bit more work but the drums take care of that problem to make it a good beat. The chorus is very catchy and is probably what saved the song. It is nowhere good as anything from Comalies but it kicks the hell out of anything from Karmacode.