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Too catchy - 33%

shatterzer0, May 19th, 2009

Ok, so the "anticipated" release of Lacuna Coil's album is upon us. With that said, I'm wrapping up my first spin of the album. The only words I can come up with are lackluster and disappointing. The album is overly glossy thanks to Don Gilmore (Avril Lavigne???? seriously, why chose the producer of such garbage?) The album is more of a continuation of Karmacode though. Lacuna Coil have stripped away the image that made them a formidable underground band back in the late 90's and early 2000's. That sound was killed with Karmacode and now with the maturation process of it appearing in Shallow Life, the sound we all revered is now hanging to a thread of hope.

There are standouts though and I won't put the album down completely. Cristina brings her vocals and her range and it's great to hear...and like many people have said, the tandem of her and Andrea is dragged down by her male counterpart. His vocals are flat and monotonous at best. His delivery and range just lack, he needs a coach to excel but I think with their transition to a more mainstream sound, that won't be needed as anyone that is within that scene will hear one of the standout songs "Spellbound" and pick up the album and enjoy it. Now, if you're not into this new modern age Gothic ala Evanescence then this album will definitely get put back up on the shelf.

The opener, Survive starts out strong and keeps a decent pace and is another song that can stand the test of time. Moving through the 12 track album, the song keeps repeating it's sound and aims for the heart of America's youth with it's bubble gum approach and easy to digest musical structure. It's sad to see such a band from my home country go to the wayside, but it was only a matter of time. They hit their peak with Comalies and got the recognition they deserved for so long. Now they're just maturing into something else, much like Korn did when they lost two of it's original members. The sound is still there in varying degrees, but it doesn't rear it's head like it should and disappoints.