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Reduce, reuse, recycle - 15%

TommyA, March 24th, 2011

If you thought "Comalies" was LC's downfall, "Karmacode" proved you wrong. If you thought "Karmacode" was LC's ultimate downfall, "Shallow Life" will prove you wrong...very wrong. The 2 albums before this were bad, yes, but this one wouldn't look weird if it was put in the same section as a Selena Gomez album.

11 of the 13 tracks here are nothing but commercial, pop-rock garbage. I tried listening to this a couple of times, since I thought I was always subconsciously comparing it to "Unleashed Memories" or "In A Reverie". But no, the album is just bad on every level possible. Some tracks are catchy, but that does not mean the album is any good. In fact, they confirm that LC will never get out of the commercial trap.

The artwork looks like something fitting for a Jeffree Star album. Nevertheless, the album has the same fake sound to it, so I guess the artwork is a warning. "Shallow Life" is nothing but artificial-sounding; starting with the bland vocals of the once decent Cristina Scabbia, to the excessive electronic modifications throughout. Just listen to the intro of "Unchained", for example, and tell me it does not sound like an Avril Lavigne song.

I tried to like this album for what it is, yet there's nothing to like here. The reason I didn't give this a 1 (yes, it's that bad) because I actually enjoyed "Survive" and "Spellbound". They're two tracks which wouldn't have looked out of place on "Karmacode" (which isn't a good thing, but is definitely better than this). Avoid by all means.