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For an EP this album is pretty decent! - 80%

PowerMetalGuardian, May 11th, 2003

I really don't see why this is an EP when it is more like a single! The first song is the only song that doesn't appear on Unleashed Memories. Since it is an EP, and there are only five songs, I will review the songs indvidually.

The first song is called Halflife, and the only really new song on this album. It has a weird distortion flanger type riff in the beginning which makes the atmoshpere of the song strange. I have found that Lacuna Coil does a good job of setting the mood in their songs. The style of the song changes periodically, either you like this style or not. Christinia's singing is beautifully done, even Andrea does great vocals on this song, blasting out some nice dm style vocals at the end of the song.

The second song doesn't even have lyrics to it. Trance Awake is more like an introduction to Senzafine the next song. It lasts about a minute and some, and really hits the high notes of the song. It has an impressive drum beat and strange sound effects that leave you on your feet in shock. Then it goes right into Senzafine (the next song). Senzafine makes its second debut on the album Unleashed Memories, however Trance Awake does not. Why the hell its not on Unleashed Memories is beyond my mind. Trance Awake makes Senzafine (an already kick ass song) ten times better. The song Senzafine is sung in a different language, I am guessing it is Italian, since the band comes from Italy. Overall the song has a nice tone, sets the mood; the only thing that sucks is Andrea's vocals during the chorus. It could be a lot cleaner; I think he was trying to hard at that point.

The last two songs are also on the album Unleashed Memories, and are perhaps the two best songs on that album. They set the mood, they have nice clean parts, and heavy distorted parts. Christinia once again displays her beautiful voice. Andrea also displays his kick ass growled death metal vocals on both songs. It's just an EP, so its not worth hunting down and putting in your collection, but for an EP, its not bad. Not bad at all!