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Back in the day... - 92%

Cravinov13, July 28th, 2007

The Half-Life EP by Lacuna Coil, released in 2000, is probably one of the more solid releases by the band that can be most commonly found as extra tracks on the 2001 release Unleashed Memories. Half-Life was released back in the good days when Lacuna Coil used little to no electronics and had a more solid and unique sound. The over all flow of the CD is similar to that of Unleashed Memories, but some of the songs, specifically Hyperfast, are a lot less tame. Also, the lyrics to the EP are a lot better then the 2003 release, Comalies.

Christina Scabbia, the female vocalist, has a very beautiful voice and unique. Although her voice has been compared to that of Amy Lee's, she is by far the better of the two vocalist, with a sharper and more violent voice the Amy Lee's (not a whiny voice like Amy Lee's). Her true talent as a vocalist can be found on the track Hyperfast. Andrea Ferro, the male vocalist, also has his own unique style, and for those who've only hear Lacuna Coil's Comalies, Andrea also uses his growling vocals in the songs Half-Life and Hyperfast (I honestly mistook him for Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy when I first head his growl). Although Andrea is not the best vocalist, especially when he duets with Christina Scabbia, he has exceptional growls that that make me sad because he doesn't use them nearly as much as he should.

The two guitarists, Cristiano Migliore and Marco Biazzi, are for the most part mediocre guitarist, but manage to mix their guitar tunes together to make a unique and mystical atmosphere in the band's music. Marco Coti Zelati, the bassist, is also only mediocre, but overall helps the band create the unique style of Gothic Metal that is Lacuna Coil. Cristiano Mozzati, the drummer and percussionist for the band, has probably the most instrumental talent in the band. His drum work is very smooth and holds the songs on the EP together. His percussions are not as constant and used as they were in Comalies, but work with great effects in the two tracks Trance Awake and Senzafine. Overall, Lacuna Coil's music proves to have been better in the earlier years before Comalies when they went almost electronic.

The tracks themselves manage to hold this EP together very well, making it one of Lacuna Coil's best releases (although that fact gets ignored when people listen to this EP as bonus tracks on Unleashed Memories. The EP titled song, Half-Life, starts off rather slowly but picks up into an aura of riffs and drum lines. This song out of the five tracks probably is the best definition of Lacuna Coil's sound. Christina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro work well together on this track. Trance Awake for the most part is just a two minute intro for the next track, Senzafine. Trance Awake does, however, has a unique Industrial sound that makes itself it's own stand out track, although there are no vocals on the track. Senzafine breaks off Trance Awake in an aura of light percussions and drum beats. The song is very fast, and the lyrics are all in Italian, making it the most unique track on this CD.

Hyperfast is by far the best track on the album. Starting of slowly, then picking up as Christina Scabbia comes in with one of the best verses in Lacuna Coil's history. The music keeps itself at a very mellow pace on this track, but it's the vocal work that makes this song so exquisite, both Christina beautiful voice and Andrea's deathlike growl. Finally, Stars ends this twenty minute Lacuna Coil classic. The song is very slow and the ballad of the CD. The song has a very catchy chorus and stands out as one of the best ballad tracks by Lacuna Coil.

Overall Rating: A classic EP by a band that was exceptionally better in their early days.