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One Word, "Epic" - 100%

shatterzer0, May 24th, 2008

What can be said about this album, besides the words, “epic” or the overused “masterpiece.” This album launched Milan, Italy's Lacuna Coil into the mainstream, certifying them gold by the RIAA in the U.S. alone. While the band had a large following before the album, with two prior EP and full length releases, this album would land Lacuna Coil spots in such festivals as Ozzfest, Wacken and several other notable tours. Aside from the bias of this album being one of my top ten of all-time, and the band as a whole being probably my favorite, I will try and go into this with a neutral approach.

The opening song, “Swamped” starts off with Italian instruments then quickly the crunching guitars start over harmonious vocals. Alongside Cristina Scabbia, Andrea Ferro belts out his side of the vocals and it just takes you on an adventure. Once it ends, the mainstream hit, “Heaven's A Lie” begins. Taking you on a ride through a relationship of wanting to be free and that the vision of the lover (the heaven part) is just a lie. (I had to explain, cause some people might think the song is anti-religious or something.) The album continues on at a chugging pace of vocal harmony, aesthetics, Gothic themes, Italian instruments, keyboards and just creates an overall atmosphere (which is hard to find in albums anymore.) Giving the listener a break with the instrumental, "Aeon" it quickly picks back up with the heavy "Tight Rope." (Which in my opinion is probably the standout track on the record.) This album, while it may have come from unknowns to atleast most of North America, it definitely made them known worldwide. I can't sum this album up, because it just wouldn't do it justice. It's sheer atmosphere, vocals, and feel can really hook a listener in, and while it's not chocked full of “catchy hooks” or being one of your average “cookie cutter” Female fronted rock bands, this one has depth. Taking from their Italian heritage, they even sing all in Latin (which has become a staple for the band, singing in Latin for a song on each record) for the song “Comalies.” Even if you can't understand what they're even singing in the song, you can still feel the words and that's all that is needed to make this album one of my top 10 of all time. If you get a chance to get this album, I highly suggest the double disc outing with the acoustic versions of prior songs and other goodies, as it just makes it that much more.