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Gothic metal done RIGHT. - 87%

heavymetalvixen, June 2nd, 2004

Now THIS is how gothic metal should be done. Lacuna Coil start this album off just right by displaying Cristina's flexibility with her vocals. She has a gorgeous voice, and she puts a ton of emotion into it without it sounding cheesy. Not to mention she's great to look at. The male vocals are just as great. They appear less, but when they do they're goddamn powerful and they dominate that particular part of the song. I also enjoyed all the small symphonic touches, such as violins, they really add to that beautiful/mysterious feeling in the songs. The guitars are quite impressive considering this is gothic metal. The riffs are always hard and crunchy and they add a bit of an edge. The bass sound is nice and thick, though the actual bass parts aren't all that extravagant. The drumming on this album is pretty cool, nothing overly complex, but there are quite a few neat drum parts that I enjoyed thuroughly.

Best Tracks: Heaven's A Lie, Angel's Punishment, Swamped, and The Ghost Woman And The Hunter.