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Their last good album... - 100%

grimdoom, July 29th, 2008

The "break through album" is something that ALL bands pray to have although most never do. Its a rare thing in music in general let alone Heavy Metal, but this Italian powerhouse achieved it with their third album. This album took the bands already unique style and energized it giving it a few updates and arguably reinventing it. This is easily the bands last European sounding album.

The production is excellent and everything sounds great. The guitars are the heaviest they'd been up to this point. There are plentiful leads and even a solo thrown in. The bands signature chord progressions and melancholy are well intact throughout the album. The guitars are bit crunchier on here as well.

The bass does an excellent job of tying the drums and guitars together. He does his own thing for much of the release. The drums are also very well done utilizing a variety of interesting patterns and speeds. There are also some keyboards/samples thrown in. These help to accentuate some of the more dramatic parts of the songs as a whole.

The vocals are without a doubt one of the better things about this album/band. Christina once again outshines the boys with her powerfully seductive voice. She exercises her range on this a bit more than on their previous efforts. Andre once again has a continually shrinking roll in the band; but his presence is good when used.

The lyrical themes are what we've come to expect from the Lacuna's; there is also a song in Italian. There is a renewed sense of purpose on this album. There is an underlining urgency to this album that is a mix of sorrow and fun making it more than apparent that they are very comfortable in their skin.

The few problems with this are Andre's ever growing pointlessness. He's a good singer and should be used more often. Some of the songs get boring as well, but over all there are some very good ideas on display. One could point out that the bands "happier" vibe is something of a downer to those restless souls that long for more damning wears.

This is a good album and worth owning. Don't listen to those who would put it down as the music is really good. Its follow up is questionable at best but this is still highly original and very Lacuna Coil; and like it or not, you cannot deny that their journey from an underground Gothic/Doom Metal band from Italy to mainstream Rock stars in the states is an accomplishment worthy of mention.