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Overrated Evanescence-like power pop - 30%

ZeKe, February 14th, 2004

Oh my god. Lacuna Coil had and still have a lot of good reviews in Italy since the very first eponymous EP, who was top album on Metal Hammer. I must admit that the first stuff was ok, I mean... sure nothing to do with Theatre of Tragedy or The Gathering or Tristania masterpieces, but ok. But since the second album they started to play a fucking annoying powerpop in the style of Evanescence (ok, they are later, but the style is very similar). And I have to say Evanescence are way better than this crap. I'm not an Mtv-addicted, I'm a metalhead, and if I should listen to a band for the beauty of the singer I better listen to Christina Aguilera. These songs are cheesy and catchy as a hit single from Gigi D'Agostino could be. The male singer is a ridicolous fucking tortured cat. Cristina Scabbia has in no way personality in singing, with a very little extension. The rest of the band is technically very bad, without balls, playing everything soft and simple. I don't understand why Italy should be famous for this commercial crap instead for bands like Necrodeath, Cadaveria, Spite Extreme Wing, Novembre or old Opera IX. As it's written somewhere in that page, watch a porno instead. And stop being mocked by labels.