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Coma and Lies - 48%

Wicker_Man, September 9th, 2005

Lacuna Coil's ideas are fading. Definitely. I can't understand why the band who produced "In a Reverie" is now becoming so... I can't find the words to describe today's Lacuna Coil (catchy?), but Cristina Scabbia doesn't seem to be the only reason why they have come to this. Soft guitarwork, slow drums, no bass at all, histerical vocals, the piano work is almost a disaster... The album sounds boring, even if there are some good hits (the single "Heaven's A Lie" is not bad at all), and the band doesn't seem to be that amazing thing they were supposed to be. The sound of the album arrives annoying to the listeners' ears and have the same effect of a sleeping pill. More annoying than the instruments are the two singers' voices: Cristina and Andrea have very little extention and don't even have a powerful voice. Very poor the ideas, very distant from the gothic masterpieces, very close to a not very well done pop-metal; the album tries to swim in a sea of mediocrity and the execution of a band with no idea about how a gothic metal album should sound like doesn't make things better. Maybe they have been too much influenced by the media, and they could be much better if they had chosen Tristania's way instead of the way this cheesy, soft, boring, childish metal played without music knowledge at all and without interest and passion. They are only playing on Cristina Scabbia's image.