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Exquisite master piece. - 98%

Jasonline, April 20th, 2004

Lacuna Coil captivated me from the first album. Unleashed Memories astonished me, but this album has knocked me out. It's just fantastic.

Swamped, opens the album. A great theme where Cristina's voice bewitches the listener, efectivly enhanced by the voice of Andrea Ferro, who leaves aside the growls to show us a nice and melodic, dark voice. Bass line throughout the song is superb, playing around with chords and some very short but great solo parts. Sharp, attacking guitars follwed by the keyboards give the surroundings.

Heaven's a lie, follows. Opened with a nice keyboard part, the guitar backgrounding is great. Then explodes into a sad, tortured Cristina Scabbia releasing her lyrics. Here guitars are a little less sharp but more weighty. Andrea comes forward in the chorus to give the male counterpoint. Keyboards also do a great backgrounding work. Cristina manages to get even to a point innocent at times.

Daylight Dancer, the third track has at a start some electronic element, with Andrea again at his clear voice, demonstrating he is a great singer indeed. Cristina comes in not long after showing a nearly angelic voice, even etheral up to a point. Drumming is superb in this track, and bass guitar pounds away with great rythym.

Humane, fires off with keyboards, giving a sort of "outerspace" atmosphere so that Cristina Scabbia can enter with some very well controlled and nearly imposible to keep in tune, wailing. Ferro comes into introduce the song, and Cristina follows with some very melodic tunes. Some of the best I've heard in this style. Again nice sharp guitars and fantstic keyboard composition work. To my point of view one of the best songs of the album.

Self deception is triggerd with a very frail guitar and the drums, for Cristina to enter with some background chants. Ferro again shows us that he's a great singer, very melodic but poweful at the same time, very disciplined and elaborated work. Catchy chorus sung by Cristina, who shows herself angelical in this theme.

Aeon. Instrumental begining. Astonishing elapsed ending of the instrumental introduction which breaks one up when Crsitina starts singing. Short but just the right time not to be boring.

Tight Rope. Great sound effects to start with the bass pounding, great drumming at start to. Keyboards give a great winding sensation. Cristina's singing is some kind of tortuous but beautiful. Outstandig drumming and offbeat percussion.

The Ghost Woman and the Hunter. A great ballad. Melancholic guitars, slow drumming, no male vocals on this one. Bass guitar is superb, adding a dark but sensual point to the music. very envolving and bewildering song. Special attention to the choirs performed by Cristina on her own vocals. Incredible.

Unspoken. Nice powerful song, bass line is perfect. Nice "horse ride" guitars, and plenty of cymbal sounds. Vocals are very beautiful, much innocence and even a counterpoint of sensuality put in them. Andrea's voice in this track is limited to the choirs in the chorus, but are well combined together.

Entwined. For me, the best song of the album. Great guitar riffs, fantastic keyboard orchestration. Cristina's vocal melodies are just charming. Andrea Ferro's choirs are outstanding. A song that really touches deeply.

The Prophet Said. The best of this song is the drumming, sort of offbeat at times. Also to mention the changes the song suffers as it goes on. Hard parts, vocal solos with keyboards, slow, fast, very impressive. Again Cristina does some great work on choirs.

Angel's Punishent. Strange song, with some sort of church like choirs. Cristina speeches over these, and then suddenly Ferro stars his growls, and very sharp distorted guitars. Straight after that, Cristina starts speeching again. These spoken parts are full of pain and despair. Very good indeed, strange and different, but fantastic.

Comalies is the track that give title to the album. A great song which blends italian lyrics sung by Cristina, and english lyrics sung by Ferro. A great combination which gives the song some kind of exotism. She alo sings part of the lyrics in English, and these parts are so melodic and shining that makes you want to hear the song over and over again. They have created a fabulous manner of blending different rythyms in one sole song. On of the best tracks if the album.

In short, an album that everyone should have, and listen, and listen . . .
Personally I'm addicted to it.