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"Give Them a Chance to Live" - 90%

HanSathanas, August 1st, 2007

Lacuna Coil or simply translates as empty spiral, are not empty at all. Although I’m not a serious fan of gothic music but these melancholic equations from Milan prove me otherwise.

Okay. I seen most of the ratings are low but I have my reasons to give this album a 90%. I’ve been listening to many kind of music and that probably gives me the impression to be more liberal and eclectic (I’m not calling myself as totally a mainstream crud). I never knew about this band until I came across their promo single; “Shallow End” in Darkness We Feel cassette compilation released by Century Media back in 1998. I felt like to listen to Lacuna Coil over and over again and from then on I’m started looking for these Italian musicians in my local store, but to no avail. Since metal records were forbidden to be sold openly in my country. I tell you honestly, it sucks! And I feel so bored and restricted.

Comalies combines the aesthetic of natured gothic passage of The Gathering with lush of early Paradise Lost heaviness. The single “Swamped” which is also included in the soundtrack album for Resident Evil: Apocalypse has caught me onto the hooks of these Italian pioneers. Their music is simple, catchy and finely produced. With the help of clear and vibrant production Comalies actually blasting off the mainstream challenge with high fidelity. Christina’s timid vocals are very easy to listen to and I found it to be so enjoyable although her voice is unmatched as compared to Amy Lee. I’m talking about metal here so please don’t get me wrong just because I mentioned a name that has nothing to do with the metal scene at all. Yet, Christina performance is great in this album and to me it really brings out the best talents in her. Especially in the second single “Heaven’s a Lie” with respect of the chorus: “Set me free. Your heaven’s a lie” The verses may sound a little bit monotonous but as it approaches the chorus, the synthesizer comes in handy and helps to reinforce the song delicate structures.

While the male vocalist (I forgot his name) who looks likes one of the characters in Adam’s Family never sounded really off the wall. At some occasion, his vocals are harsher while retaining the pace of flowing melody that comes after one another. Frankly speaking, his vocals aren’t so great and anyone who listens to this album can perform much better than him. Drums are the most important part in metal music and therefore if it doesn’t sound so good, it could contribute to the whole inefficiency in a particular band. In this album, the drumming is considerably nice and quite prominent. The occasional double bass strokes followed by projected cymbals variation help to solidify the soft music that is less aggressive and not brutal at all, which is the good thing about this album. Bass and rhythm are doing their utmost performance since the bass guitar simply backs up the riffs that alternately emerge from within the thick and solid bass drums.

Perhaps lacking of aggressiveness has pulled this album away from most true metal listeners, and I strongly believe that many condemns Lacuna’s radio friendly loom. Well, not to mention Christina’s erotic poses which grace a few covers of magazine. However that is their inclination and their own way of wanting the fans to feel their presence in the scene. I shall never judge them unscrupulously because every band that embraces metal with fusion of progressive elements such as Lacuna Coil shouldn’t be underestimated just because they are radio friendly whatsoever. So to all metal newbie who want to listen to something easy, this album is good for you to begin with.