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The new rock 'n' sad crew in action! - 89%

paradoxintervention, November 30th, 2009

There will always be an evolutionary trend for many bands towards experimentation and change, something inevitable and at the same time necessary. Just consider the number of all those bands that began searching their identity performing inside the borders of a certain genre obtaining a distinct sound and style with success, when finally finding themselves trying to master the musical secrets of another, almost completely different area than that of their reputation. To name a few, “Anathema”, “Lake Of Tears”, “Tiamat”, “The Gathering” “Ulver” and so many more.

Every case has its own special characteristics; however the result in most of those cases left an irreplaceable gap in the “abandoned” genre, but on the contrary and in many occasions it gave us “diamonds”. Being one of the above cases, Lacrimas Profundere have long ago left their atmospheric doom/death metal roots to an almost pure gothic approach with great success, I must admit.

The first approaches to a new sound were obvious from “Burning: a wish”, and things became clearer in “Fall, I Will Follow” albums that we could not expect another “La Naissance d’Un Reve”-the band’s greatest moment according to my perception- in the future. The German band’s turning point “Ave End” was a classic goth/metal attempt that showed their musical directions from then on. After that it was “Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts” more or less at the same quality level with the same sound and now “Songs For the Last View” which is the band’s eighth album, following the same fields as their previous two attempts.

Above all it should be considered as a very nice album, with all those gothic elements that satisfy the fans of the genre. However, there are some objections this time… First of all the band has a new singer Rob Vitacca replacing the founding member since 1993 Christopher Schmid, who left the band in 2007. The way Rob performs is totally different, reaching a more “Sister Of Mercy” style of singing than anything else. Without being bad, I preferred Christopher’s way of singing, but this is highly subjective…

Secondly the production of the album regarding the sound didn’t satisfy me, especially the outcome that has to do with Rob’s vocals. In many cases it is difficult to understand what he is trying to say. Apart from the above objections I have to congratulate the artist for the once again beautiful artwork

As long as Oliver Nikolas Schmid stands behind Lacrimas Profundere, there is no fear about the quality of the compositions. There are many interesting tracks here and I could choose “And God’s Ocean” as a favourite moment. Concluding I am positive that this album is going to climb to the German charts in good position and will also be enjoyed by the majority of the gothic metal fans. However being a fan of the band from their early days, I have a sense that this album could and had to be better…