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Amazing Doomdeath! - 100%

grimdoom, June 15th, 2008

With Anathema no longer wanting to play Doomdeath let alone Heavy Metal in general it’s a damn good thing that bands like Lacrimas Profundere pop up from time to time (even if they stopped playing Doom Metal after one more album). Calling them clones wouldn't be anywhere near accurate, but they do bare more than a few passing nods to the aforementioned fathers of Doomdeath.

This album has pretty good production. The guitars utilize a mixture of traditional Doomdeath and more modern Black Metal riffs. There are no solos but there are some good leads. The music is perhaps one part palm muted and two parts open chorded. The guitars play with harmonies and a more traditional lead/rhythm structure. Some of the patterns and leads bring older Anathema to mind, but it’s more of an expansion of their sound instead of flagrantly ripping it off.

The bass more often then not follows the guitars but dose venture off on his own from time to time. The drums are solid though somewhat standard. They work well with what is presented here. There is some keyboard in the background which lends itself to the ambiance nicely.

The vocals are curious as they are a mixture of male growls and shrieks coupled with spoken word and laced with operatic female vocals. The lyrics are of love and loss. The female vocals are angelic and compliment the music as a whole.

The only real down side to this is the length of the album as it’s really short given the number of songs. Other than that this is a rather amazing album. The tempos are slow to moderately slow with a few bursts of Black Metal fury thrown in for good measure.

Memorandum = The Lacrimas Profundere album - 92%

WitheringToSerenity, December 18th, 2004

This band has been one of those great gothic doom metal bands that seems to go relatively unnoticed despite producing an arguable classic such as Memorandum. This is the album where I felt there unique sound finally turned into a masterpiece. The most realistic comparison that comes to mind is a more gothic metal(less doom) oriented old Anathema/My Dying Bride. Using the usual vocal contrast but they have chosen a male vocalist for both spoken and harsh vocals.

One thing that puts this album over the top for me is the combination of very emotional yet soaring guitar leads which can vary from sounding old-mid period Katatonia to sorrowful tremolo leads mixed with slower doom-esque guitar rhythm with some interesting acoustic work to give the album some added dimensions. Throw in the obligatory keyboards to set the atmosphere into the mix and you have the basic elements. Memorandum is very consistent filled with memorable and harsh yet sorrow tinged melodies. The production is their best using this style of music and after this they steered further into less metal territory. It also helps when your album possesses one of the most beautiful songs ever in "Black Swans".

This is their best album in my opinion and I would recommend this from anyone in between an old My Dying Bride fan to a melodic death metal fan. Anyone who claims to be a fan of gothic metal should already have heard this otherwise what are ya waiting for?

Favorite tracks : Helplessness, Black Swans, All Your Radiance

Doom/Death and Melody... - 93%

suicide_machine, December 13th, 2004

This is definitely one of my favorite Doom/Death albums. Sticking to traditional clean vocals/death growl variations, this would at first seem like any other album in the genre. And it is. But Lacrimas Profundere add to their sound not only instrunments that aren't typical for metal (a harp, for god's sake), but they create an atmosphere different than a lot of bands playing this style. Of course, My Dying Bride comparisons are there, but this band is indeed their own intity. Again, the atmosphere created in the music being the dominant factor in the magnificence of the album. Very sorrowful and depressing, but not to extremes. Very tasteful music, in my oppinion. Definitely recommended for fans of My Dying Bride, Novembers Doom, etc...