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just an EP, but worth getting! - 94%

dragons_secrets, March 28th, 2003

Granted that theres only 4 (5 counting the hidden bonus track) songs on here, this is still a solid piece of metal. Starting out with the opening soothing piano of Save Me, which quickly picks up as the listener is soon taken into a dazzling display of speed and power. Its such a powerful song!! Out of Memory is another great song with a big display of technicallity. In the Shade is an outstanding song (which like Out of Memory is a re-recorded version of the song from Labyrinth's earlier days but I haven't heard the original version of either so I can't comment on that) with some catchy lines throughout. Falling Rain is in my opinion Labyrinth's all out BEST song, and is also one the most relaxing and beautiful songs I've ever heard. This version is even better than the original version on Return to Heaven Denied. The hidden bonus track is a cover of Sanctuary's "Die For My Sins". The cover is surprisingly dead on while also having the trademark Labyrinth sound infused into it. Its also amazing how Rob Tyrant sings the song in the same high pitched fashion that the song was orignally sung in. Thats a feat considering how high Warrell Dane sang back then : )
At any rate this is an album thats worth getting despite being so short. But however, Falling Rain is worth the price alone!! This is some of Labyrinth's best songs here, with a top notch production..and if it were a longer album..well that would make it Labyrinth's best album, and necessitate an even higher rating...