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The last whispers from LIK! - 80%

AntonJ, November 13th, 2008

So I'm the first one to write a review for this...
As you probably already know LIK is a two man project from Sweden, with Grav as front man. I first came in contact with this band through the more famous act Armagedda, as its Grav’s main project. Or to be more precise, was his main project. It saddens me that he’s decided to take another path in life and quite music. Anyway as Armagedda is strictly black metal, LIK is more a mixture of occult rock and black metal. Don’t get me wrong it’s not some trendy black’n roll shit, this is something else.

However I have mixed feelings about this album, the last material released by LIK. The album consists of four tracks and could more be considered an ep than a full-length album. Though this is not a matter to argue over! If you have listened to Armagedda or any of the previous releases by LIK you know that the lyrics have a special feeling to it. They’re written in a poetic and intelligent way, something that appears to be rare these days. One could sum it up by stating that there’s a lot of afterthought put into the lyrics! The lyrics have not been published as far as I know, though one can pretty much understand what Grav is singing (if you know Swedish that is)

Now the music is on the other hand a bit different from the previous releases by LIK. The guitar stands in the centre of attention (as always), and is built up by repeated melodies. The drumming has never been the strong instrument in this project but on l.i.k it doesn’t really matter that much. The first two tracks include lyrics while the other two are instrumental songs.

The instrumental songs are really just a couple of notes played repeatedly on the guitar. Something like this usually tends to get boring after a couple of minutes. Though Grav has a way of creating simple music that doesn’t sound cheap. Instead of getting boring these two tracks turn out to be very atmospheric!

As I already declared I have mixed feelings about this one! Mostly because it doesn’t reach up to the heights of LIK’s previous releases. Compared to the oh so great Besfärtade Strofer this album seems to fade away.

However this is not a bad album, far from it. The second song on the album is amazing and embraces the concept of LIK very well. Though do to a screw up by their label, Agonia records, the second and third song has changed names with each other.

If you already have the earlier material by LIK, then you should considered getting this one. If that’s not the case I would rather recommend adding “Besfärtade Strofer” to your collection.