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A farewell that won't soon be forgotten! - 97%

overkill67, August 7th, 2004

Well this is it folks, the last official Laaz Rockit studio release. It marked an ending of a Bay Area legend that never received the recognition or praise that they deserved. In retropsect, with the folding of this band also came the unfortunate demise of Bay Area Thrash Metal as we once knew and loved. There is not many surprises on this album, just straight forward Thrash done with percise execution and musical genius that oozed out of every bar on each and every song. I suppose that this album may have been a little darker sounding than the previous two albums. That would be based mainly on the fact that Jon Torres was actually involved in alot of the song writting. Another fact that few people know is that Ken Savich's lead guitar mastery, which is similar to Alex Skolnick meets Michael Romeo style of playing is dispursed throughout this incrdible shred-laden virtuoso style guitar album. One final note of discussion based on the line-up, this album also marks the introduction of both Scott Sargent (exKILLING CULTURE) as well as Dave Chavari (ex MOD, PRO-PAIN).
Muscically, Laaz are at the top of their game. Hands down, this album is about as complex as anything you'll ever hear when it comes to being technical thrash metal.
Creatively, like I said before there's not really anything on here that you probably haven't heard before...the only thing is, Laaz just do it better than everybody else ever did!
Guitar players take serious note. This is a shredder of an album and even if you're not a fan of thrash will absolutely love the solos on this album that would even make the Sharpnel recording artists hit the playback button.