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Near Flawless DVD! - 99%

overkill67, August 27th, 2004

What an amazing fucking DVD! This is the exact concert that you hear on the Taste of Rebellion CD. 6 cameras shooting every possible angle that you could imagine. The lighting is awesome and the crowd of crazied japanese moshers and pit pounders are rampant. If you like Laaz's live CD, then you're gonna fuckin' cream in your pants once you see this. This was origionally released on VHS in Japan only, through Pony Canyon records...the same company that released both of Laaz's last two albums as well as the Gack CD. Yes this is near impossible to find here in North America...but if you ever see this thing on ebay...BUY IT immediately, for you may never get another opportunity to find it again. The only difference between the DVD and the CD is that there are some longer introductions to some songs...there are a couple of drum solos by Dave Chavarri as well as a guitar solo by Aaron Jellum that were edited from the CD format. Also, there are some interviews with the band, which are very cool because the guys are speaking in english and there are Japanese subtitles at the bottom of the screen. There is even a bonus track to this DVD which is the promo video for "Leatherface", featuring a young Jon Torres on bass.
I can't stress enough how good the quality of this DVD is, and if you ever have the opportunity to aquire this incredibly rare sure to capitalize on it! It's worth every penny!