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Definetly a taste in rebellion! - 90%

PowerMetalGuardian, April 28th, 2003

Unleashed in downtown Tokyo, Laaz Rockit destroyed, thus producing a most excellent live album. Taste Of Rebellion is just that, a taste of Laaz Rockit's thrash carrer. One of the reasons why this album kicks so much ass is because it is, in a way, a compilation of Laaz Rockit. Blazing with the fast riffs of In the Name of the Father and the Gun, from Nothing'$ $acred, to even doing City's Gonna Burn, from City's Gonna Burn.

Another reason why this album is exceptionally good is its production. If your gonna come out with a live album, then it has to kick ass. If it doesn't then there will be no fans. However, if the album kicks ass, like this one, then there will be a bigger fan turn out! The production is awsome, probably some of the best live production I have seen. All the riffs and solo's come out perfect, singing is clear and kick ass. The audience even gets into some of the songs, like Fire in the Hole. But everything is clear and distinct, ie no instrument over powers another.

Even the clean acroustic parts, for example in The Omen, come out loud and clear. So what we have here is a great Laaz Rockit compilation, with great production. I definetly recommend this to Laaz Rockit fans, and strongly recommend this for people just getting into Laaz Rockit. Hell just go and get it, all metal heads should own this one!