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Rockit full of thrash metal!!! - 97%

PowerMetalGuardian, March 16th, 2003

This album is filled with great thrash! In the Name of the Father and the Gun opens this album with a fast action drum beat and killer thrash style riffs and licks that remind me a lot of old Testament. Especially The Legacy style with the harmonized solo's. Even the solos to this song remind me of The New Order ones. Throughout the album the riffs and licks get better, showing great musicanship -simply thrash at its best! There is a lot of harmonzing between the guitars, which is something I haven't seen a lot in thrash metal, a great example of this is throughout the song Too Far Gone and The Enemy Within. The vocals are very thashy sounding, very mellow toned. There aren't any high squeals or screams, but the vocals are very agrresive driven that gives the music a kick ass feel! Another thing that sticks out is the bass. At times you can hear the bass slaps and picks, which is extremely killer for headbanging thrash metal. Great examples of this are the intro to Into the Asylum and Greed Machine. Throughout the entire album the drums provide a clash of slow beats for fast riffing, and fast pased drumming that will leave you headbanging for hours. There is one clean part on this album, in the song entitled Nobody's Child. The vocals during this part are very clean, which is weird. Then when it starts to get heavy, it goes back to its softness and adds a mexican sounding solo, like old Testament did a lot. This song is probably the weak part of this album, but it has some cool harmonzing riffs in the end. The rest of the album picks up with blazing guitar riffs and thrashy solo's (especially Necropolis) that will literally leave you headbanging for hours. This album is pure thrash, and a sure sign that thrash didn't completely die during the 90's! If you like old school Testament or just all in your face pumped up thrash riffs with great drum beats and thrasy vocals, this is for you! Highly recommended!