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The Greatest Hits that wasn't. - 86%

erickg13, September 28th, 2007

"Hello Nobody! Tonight we have a very special musical presentation. So, kick back and stretch your sack 'cause here's Kyuss with UN Sandpiper....." And with that, Kyuss starts off their absolutely killer "Best Of". But don't be looking for any singles or hits on this cd, as almost all the songs are B-Sides or even new songs. So needless to say (and thats why I am saying it) this is really anything but a Best of.

Nine of the fifteen songs are songs we have heard already, although four of them are live versions that absolutely kill. Of course we have the six 'new' songs, or at least new if you haven't had the time to track down their many rare EP's and singles, the best of which are "Un Sandpiper" a brand new song to open the album, the quirky bass driven instrumental "Mudlfly", it would have fit perfectly on "Blues for the Red Sun", and finally the stoner-into-funk jam "Fatso Forgetso".

Kyuss always had a bit of humour to their music, just listen to the aformentioned first line of "Un Sandpiper", but songs like "Fatso Forgetso" and "Demon Cleaner" have smart, funny lyrics, that won't make you laugh, but may just get you to crack a sarcastic smile.

I can't help but say that this is not something for a newcomer to Kyuss's music. This is one of the cases were it is best to pick up one of their studio efforts where all the music flows together as a piece instead of cut up chunks as found here. However, an avid Kyuss fan will absolutely love this cd full of treasures.

While this does not contain a great picture of Kyuss's career as a good 'best of' should, this isn't a normal 'best of' and honestly feels as a completely new album. It has chunks from all over their career, but fails to show the spectrum of their music, despite having some really good music on it.