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muchas gracias, dudes - 90%

ironasinmaiden, April 19th, 2003

...And the Circus Leaves town was Kyuss's farewell record... upset with label support (or lack thereof) and apparently frustrated with the feared "stoner rock" buzz, desert rock's finest mounted their chariots of fire and rode off into the sunset. The result is a spacey and decidely less go for the throat record. Hints of ideas that would later appear with Queens of the Stone Age are quite apparent. I believe the album cover says it all... moody, blue and less "warm" than Sky Valley or Blues for the Red Sun.

Songs like Hurricane and El Rodeo are straightforward, classic Kyuss. That means rumbling bass, fuzzed out riffs and John Garcia's primal screaming. Naturally, it rocks and rocks fucking hard. Ironically, 'Circus' is Kyuss's most "stoner" album.... listen to Gloria Lewis's intro on some bubonic chronic and you'll probably see Jesus or something. Bleeps and "farrrr out" special effects galore.

Size Queen and Catamaran are proto-QOTSA.... the nasal vocals, unconventional songwriting and interesting rhythms are all in place. The experimental tracks are definitely highlights.... a welcome diversion from the hard rock formula. Spaceship Landing, a 12 minute epic of sorts, rounds things out with a bang... or a thud

Perhaps the premature demise of Kyuss was a good thing... we got some damn good spinoffs out of it, and an incredible series of records. Kyuss was ahead of its time musically and inspired more bands than you can count on one hand. These guys are fucking legends and the gods of stoner rock eternally. RIP