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Baphomet's Throne Zine - 100%

Gospelfuneral, May 24th, 2007

Baphomet's Throne Zine
Kythrone - 2003 - Christripper Command
Chilean Black Metal band Kythrone have released their first official effort on CD-R, and it is indeed a promising piece of Black Metal Art. This is very well executed midpaced to fast Black Metal, with a slightly chaotic feel to it. The individual instruments are clearly audible despite the chaotic sound here, the vocals sound a bit similar to those of early Emperor, although more aggressive. At times I find similarities to both Morbid Angel and Lux Occulta in their music, but this is all mixed into the bands own sound and it's very interesting. It seems the bands in the Chilean Black Metal scene are getting better and better.
The only bad thing about this release is that here are only two tracks, an evil sounding intro and the title track. Be sure to check out their upcoming 7", to be released sometime during 2004.