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Set to Blast and Forget - 78%

TheStormIRide, June 14th, 2018

Kyterion is an Italian black/death metal project formed in 2015. Wasting little time, the band put out their debut album Inferno I in 2016 through Subsound Records, which is a ten track, thirty minute trek through the circles of hell. The vocals are delivered using the thirteenth century Italian vernacular language, the same language Dante wrote The Divine Comedy in. The only thing known about the band members at this point is that they are all Italian, preferring anonymity in their vicious, punishing voyage to the very center of hell.

Inferno I is very dense and unrelenting in approach. The rhythm section seems to hammer away to no end during the album, with a wash of blasting percussion and lightning fills and a constantly thudding bass presence in the background. The guitars fire away relentlessly in a swirling maelstrom of fiery tremolo riffing. The few rhythmic breaks, like the middle section of “Le brutte arpie”, offer a dash of skullcracking death/thrash, and though it brings little rest, it offers an ear-catching change of pace. Indeed, if anything could be said about Inferno I, the number one answer would be that it's unrelenting in scope. Despite setting the tone for a walk through the underworld, it also becomes the album's biggest flaw: there isn't a whole lot of diversity moving through this album and it's hard to differentiate the tracks when all is said and done.

For a band to come out of nowhere and attempt the monumental undertaking of bringing the listener through the circles of hell in three parts is impressive, to say the least. Kyterion delivered an authentic homage to Italy's greatest literary export and their decision to remain in anonymity allows the focus to remain on the fiery maelstrom of black metal. Two other chapters in this grand opus await, but if this debut is any indication of what's to come, we're all in for a treat.