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Great live show, almost as great studio work - 85%

Cicatriz, November 18th, 2004

I was first exposed to Kylesa when they opened for Darkest Hour on the Live to Thrash, Thrash to Live tour. They blew me away with their gang vocals, multi-frontal guitar attack, and breath of fresh air to hardcore act after hardcore act on stage. I quickly hit the merch booth and bought up all the CD's I could find.

This EP opens with No Ending, which in turn opens up with a headbanging intro, what Kylesa does best. You also hear another trademark, trading off female/male scream lines. The three vocalists in Kylesa take turns singing throughout all songs, it's unexpected at first but you come to love it. At 1:40 the track raises the bar with it's almost prog-like interlude. The track ends strong, and is a great opener for the EP

The second track, A 100 Degree Heat Index, is my favorite on the EP, and probably my favorite Kylesa song yet. The lyrics are vague and obscure, but not so far out there to turn you off of the song. "Try to control the impossible, Two steps backwards for every one forward, This heart on my sleeve beats no more, I'm not getting older I'm just weathered…" The guitar work on this track is perfect for the song. Everything is clicking with the band with this track.

Next is Delusion on Fire, maybe my least favorite, but still worth a listen. The tempo is too strong for Kylesa, which makes it's unique sounds off of it's slower pace. The guitars are probably their most elementary too, which also decreases my enjoyment of the song. It's not a bad song though, I'm just nitpicking. It's definately mosh-able, but not a showcase of their talents.

The last song is a cover of Nausea's "Clutches". It opens with a bassline and a chantable male verse. Your fist wants to start pumping to the constant chording of the guitars. I don't know the original well, but I like this song. The song is a bit repetitive however, and feels like a lot longer than 2:50.

This would be a great first album for anyone interested in these sludge metal kids from Savannah, but the optimal first viewing would have to be a live show. It won't be that hard to see them, especially if you are in the Southeast USA, because Kylesa seems to be always opening for somebody. You can't help but think that soon, people will be opening for them.