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Kvltist – Catechesis - 85%

powerblack, December 3rd, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, World Terror Committee

Hailing from Germany, Kvltist will be unleashing Catechesis unto the world in December. Catechesis marks the band’s first release, and within the release you can find seven unrelenting black metal songs. Plenty of black metal bands add atmospheric elements to their music to create a certain feeling for the listener, but the approach that Kvltist takes is different. The atmosphere comes from the sonic assault that is ladled upon you with blistering darkness.

The sound and the feeling that I have to assume that Kvltist is aiming for with this release is one of discomfort and pure unfiltered hate. Each song present runs for a pretty substantial amount of time allowing for Kvltist to create such a discomfort and unsettling feeling. Any thoughts that you may have of escaping are futile and should be scrapped immediately, as Catechesis is unlikely to let you go from its cold dead hands.

If there is any time within this release that is slow at all and not a complete church burning affair, then it would have to be during the closing track Ite Ad Ignis and the brief moment of reprieve is really the only time that you get from the suffocating darkness.

Every other moments other than the final moments of Ite Ad Ignis are filled with blistering and soul shattering black metal elements. Kvltist oozes evil, emitting the sound that hell fire would make if hell fire were to make a sound. The black metal that is present here is pretty straight forward. There are no hidden agendas or tricks, there is only black metal and it is the blackened evil sound that pure black metal lovers crave.

Each riff writhes and strikes just as quick as a cobra. Supplemented by these serpentine riffs are tumultuous drums which supply even more chaos and discord. Layered on top of the fiery musicianship are the vocals that transition between gravely shrieks to mid ranged growls giving the music a little more diversity and the listener a little bit more to chew on.

Darkness and pure evil seemed to have manifested itself in the form of Catechesis. The evil and devil worshiping vision of Kvltist is seen through and through with their debut release. Between the samples that Kvltist use that sound like the devil recorded them himself, to the never ending onslaught of unfiltered black metal, Kvltist have seen their vision to fruition and can rest easy knowing that it may have corrupted some souls along the way.

Originally written for Venustas Diabolicus.