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An Album To Remember - 90%

TomTheCannibal, August 12th, 2007

Ars Manifestia starts this album strong with a flowing stomping rhythm. The song's intro has a anticipating buildup to lyrics. Very quick and upbeat. Most likely to be the favorite song of the album. This song feels like it could overshadow the whole album as a "one hit wonder", but only if the rest of the album is not given any regard.

Forbannet Vaere Jorden Jeg Gar Pa continues the upbeat tone with more unusual background keyboarding.

Min Lekam Er Meg Blott En Byrde is perhaps a more doom-ish tone. The lower scale organs packaged with the spoken word lyrics bring a classic bone-chilling feel.

This album's keyboarding is subtle, and only adds to build the sound without overshadowing the play instruments. Where other albums fail getting a digestible mix of symphony, this album gets it right, even more so than some black metal staples like Dimmu Borgir. The vocals are a mix of very fast verbalizations, to deeper grunts. Often difficult to hear full pronunciation, but the lyrics add to an overall song progression and flow. Overall there a dynamic in sound through the whole album, and through each song, a very good quality of a symphonic black metal album. There is a clear Emperor and Dimmu Borgir influences, but not a copy and paste of their style. If you like Dimmu Borgir, this brings a less fancy, but still symphonic approach to black metal.

For those Introduce into the black metal genre, I always keep this album in mind as one of the first to offer.