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Superior Black Metal Class - 100%

Kristenhat666, November 9th, 2006

If you’re looking for a band that plays typical pure Black metal yet is extremely original and more inspired than the majority of bands around, do read this review. KVIST were rather short-lived and brought out a single album, but this only adds to the impact of “FOR KUNSTEN MAA VI EVIG VIKE”, their only release. This CD had a very weak promotion when it came out, people were too busy focusing on bands that had already made a name for themselves and it was consequently overlooked by most adepts of the genre. I do feel that time has changed this fact, and know countless individuals who esteem this release at its just value. There is an incredible dose of musicianship on “FOR KUNSTEN…”, and the band members seem to have gone to a great deal of trouble to create a work of art. And so they did.

Here’s my personal enrapturing musical experience. Back in 1996, I was handed a tape by a friend of mine. It included Gehenna ’s ”Seen through the veils…”, which all my friends described as a fantastic album, and “FOR KUNSTEN…”, which was deemed not to deserve any kind of description. Upon arriving home, I played the cassette. About 25 seconds into side 2, I turned around, eyes open wide, and looked at my Hi-Fi system in total disbelief! What KVIST started delivering from the outset is what I’m about to describe to you now. In detail.

First of all, the riffs: yes, they are your typical fast-picked ones, slowing down merely on rare occasions. The band, however, made no effort to copy any other album around, and yet manage to deliver some of the catchiest melodies and passages I have ever heard. If you long for typical BM riffing that does not remind you of a hundred other bands, KVIST should be at the top of your list.

As regards the vocals, listeners should not expect high-pitched ones or an alternation of Black and Death growls. What the vocalist does here can only be summarized as pure aggression and hatred. His voice is very powerful and dominates in the overall musical concept. It is not just heard in the background, as it is with many bands. What the frontman offers us is exactly what BM vocals should be like.

When it comes to the bass guitar and the drums, they are highly responsible for this album’s originality. The bass is not overwhelmed and covered by the guitars as on most BM albums. Not as overdriven as one would expect, it is heard continuously and this only highlights the bands musicianship. They knew exactly what they wanted to achieve. The drums, on the other hand, are probably the most original instrument on “FOR KUNSTEN…”. It would be a lie to say that they are not BM-sounding, but the way the drummer changes or breaks the pace in the songs is quite untypical and succeeds in surprising the listener, adding to his enjoyment of the CD. I will not, however, compare the drummer’s style to that of other musical genres, as I find that insulting.

Last but not least, the sound: the production has endowed KVIST with a sounding I cannot call “typical freezing” True Black Metal. This is not a raw album, so the sound was created accordingly. In fact, the band seems not to have wanted to release another “primitive” BM album. Instead, they chose to have a sound that raises the musical performance to a class of its own, and the general impression this creates is that of an extremely “noble” album, towering high above common bands of the genre.

Have they managed to do so??? Definitely. On “FOR KUNSTEN MAA VI EVIG VIKE”, KVIST have offered us Black Metal of the highest and most outstanding class. They have even opted for Norwegian lyrics, increasing the “true-ness” of the atmosphere. So if, like me, you believe that BM stands above all other genres, then you should not content yourself with anything less than KVIST have produced!