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Mid 90's NWBM - 92%

Danthrax_Nasty, July 14th, 2004

Released in 1995 on Avantgarde Music, and consisting of a mere six tracks (with only one song under 5:00 minutes) this is one epic masterpiece whose sheer original prowess is felt within the first 30 seconds. Now, this may not have been a revolutionary record, or one that even has garnered much accolade outside of its genre, or in music as a whole, but what this is, is one fine damn piece of Black Metal history in the vien of early melodic Norwegian Black Metal. I can pick up on sounds similiar to bands such as Satyricon, Dod Heimsgard, some Ulver material, and maybe alittle of Immortals frostier melodic moments. With that said, I should put an emphasis also on how much this band truely captures its own sound among the likes of now much more well recieved (probably due to this being the bands sole full length release), and more famous bands, which is certainly not due to superiority in anyway.

Overall the production is about as perfect as one could expect from a mid nineties Black Metal act, and every aspect (vocals, guitars, drums) are very much present, and easily decipherable. Not a complaint here about any of the production, great mix, tight music, and well that really says it all.

The guitars have a clear, solid tone, and really help to create a great melodic sound. The distortion, and tone could be said to be similiar to possibly Emperors Nightside Eclipse (with a little more punch), or Satyricon's Dark Medieval Times. A good variety of riff styles, odd timings, and great change ups are present on here, and really show how badass this band was. Not one complaint, or dissatisfing moment, or part here.

The vocals are mixed just right, in my opinion, and have a good feel to them. Nothing very unique in this department, but fitting, well produced, and properly done vocal paterns. If I had to make a comparison I'd say something like a deeper Nocturno Culto, but that could be a bit of a stretch (I dont know).

The drums are mixed will over all, and have a good hard hitting, clear sound that is very present through out the album. Great fucking drum rolls, fills, and what not. Just overall a great drummer, who was recorded well in a good studio, so yeah what more could you ask for.

Overall I thought this album kicked some fucking ass, too bad this one was the bands sole full length. Of the many, many albums that came from Norway in the mid nineties this is as much a worthy album as most any others, including Emperor, Gorgoroth, Enslaved, or Immortal.