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Naglekamp owns your drunk ass! - 78%

Priest_of_Evil_666, October 14th, 2005

Kvikksolvguttene – Krieg
With black metal gaining popularity, some of its fold started pushing forward with their original inspiration, early death thrash. Necrobutcher, most prominently known for his work in Mayhem was one of these ambitious fellows, bearing a brainchild called Kvikksolvguttene. In 1997 Norway’s then infamous Head Not Found label would release Gamlem, Kvikksolvguttene’s debut EP that was executed with the help of session members H.M.P.D.K. and Ztalin (the later would return again as an additional guitarist on the track More Murder, Krieg and Sluts). Things moved pretty swiftly from there and by late 97 Jorn Stubberud aka Necrobutcher returned on bass with new members Zathan handling guitars and vocals and Helle Mel pa de Kristne (H.M.P.D.K) again behind the skins of death and as additional vocals on Krieg and lead vocals on Naglekamp; the album was called Krieg.

Krieg begins promising In Den Arsch Gefickt really kicks in with a razor wire tremolo riff, throbbing bass very reminiscent of Sodom/Motorhead ilk and vocals that brings to mind Oscar Garcia of Terrorizer. IDAG is a deft opener this is destruction on reins; complete with a blast fest which is let down by the fact the drummer cant really keep up so he switches to his cymbals to cover up his lack of stamina for the snare, still its sounds alright. Generally speaking, the level of aggression and speed is a comfortable one that suits them perfectly, only lapsing when they try to blast.
Kvikksolvguttene song structures are simple ones, using relatively few riffs that are generally played to excess - which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your mindset. Torture and Krieg are next on the chopping block, both great trax but on closer inspection these are covers originally penned by Vomit. Torture shines brighter between the two while Krieg is a established (after a long sample intro) with some lazy blast and puked vocals but the track really shines when it heads into a wicked hard as iron guitar break- yeah that’s right you need to bang your head- followed by whispered vocals which in turn are followed by an electric guitar plucking away at the very fabric of your soul, in an ghostly exhibit.
More Murder is a mid paced deathly affair, fast riff slow snare, there is also some grooved out bass in the middle, fortified by a simple, classic thrash styled riff.
Anger starts off like in full Mayhem glory with mad blasts and chainsaw chords with the bass riding tremolo on top. After a few bars we embrace a doom piece which holds a break near the end with drums and vocals only “feel the anger” before the bass starts pulsing again along with guitars. Zathan's voice harks back to late 80’s early nineties death vocals, literally spewing malice and scorn at you in a real wretched sense.
Did you think two covers was enough, too bad solider, one to go and here it comes, surprisingly enough its Mayhem’s Ghoul done well (bar the slight stutter/faint tap on the snare from time to time, what did I say earlier?!) but I beg the question why so many covers? The answer would be they didn’t want to release another EP I guess…
Sluts follows and it’s a real dirty, heavy piece that just plods along with a disturbing air to it, I love it. They excel more when they are not playing fast as Sluts proves in aces.
Violent Death starts off sounding very Orgy of Pigs (1991) unfortunately VD ends up coming across rather sloppily towards the end, again in a fast part, marring an otherwise memorable effort. Fisted Sisters sees them get their black groove back on but it’s certainly lacking something and I find it forgettable, however the boys bring the album to a close with show stoping style in the shape of Naglekamp. This final track fukken owns, totally bizarre and absolutely fabulous. In a haze of drugs and mayhem they appear to have distorted the original James Bond theme into their own perverted art. The lyrics primarily delivered in clean tone (though not always) and is hilarious “I smoke pot… I snort coke… I kill kids… I smash bars…” and “I know you must be dead, when my penis has turned red”. Yes its stupid and mindless but by simply looking at this CD cover - an African holding a machine gun with a severed limb in his mouth – you would be certified mad expecting prose of the highest calibre.

To sum up Kivkksolvguttene: simple songs with an early death thrash aesthetic. If Mayhem and Sodom sat down and got stoned, this is would seem the logical outcome. Certainly lacking in quality original material but they hold a couple of gems amongst the madness.