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Kult ofenzivy - Nauky různic

Carrying the Banner Once More - 88%

TheStormIRide, November 17th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2014, 12" vinyl, Iron Bonehead Productions (Limited edition)

Nauky Ruznic is the third full length album by Kult Ofenzivy, the mysterious black metal force from the Czech Republic that formed in 2007. Little is known about Kult Ofenzivy, aside from the band’s origin and their devotion to the works of Nietzsche. It is rumored that members are involved with Valraukar, Sator Marte and Triumph, Genus, but, in Nietzschian fashion, the band has made it clear that they do not wish to focus on names. The band’s prior two albums Symfonie Oceli and Radikální Ateismus – Tvůrcům Nadčlověka are often heralded as the pinnacle of Darkthrone worship; specifically the Transilvanian Hunger sort. While the band’s latest falls along the same path, the music seems more focused and acerbic than before, creating a dissonant atmosphere that is minimalistic and crushing.

Spurning the theatrics and cheesy atmospherics of other second wave worshiping acts, Kult Ofenziny plays black metal, plain and simple. There are no traces of keyboards or clean vocals and the production brings that cold and harrowing feeling of the early 90′s Scandinavian black metal scene. The guitar riffs focus on repetitive trem patterns played in minor keys while the drums blast along at a breakneck pace for the entirety, but the magic of Kult Ofenziny’s sound lies in the subtle riffing transitions. The riffs are certainly cyclical and repetitive, but the band is able to create a trance-inducing, vortex of sound, in a cold and frostbitten sense.

The album is relatively short, at only twenty-five minutes, but the band makes up for it with punishing certainty. There is not a single second of downtime removed from the blasting and vitriolic black metal. While the music certainly sounds like cold, frosty Norwegian black metal, the vocals are when the band bring in their homeland flair, with a decidedly Czech flavor to the inflection and delivery. Sounding at times like Atilla Csihar, yet with a sinister appeal all their own, with a crass and discordant approach utilizing crazed ramblings and throaty black metal shrieks.

While the band is shrouded in mystery, it allows for the focus to solely remain on the music; no gimmicks. With Nauky Ruznic, Kult Ofenzivy have proven themselves worthy of retaining the cold throne of yore: something achieved not through over-complication or cheap and forced atmospherics rather through blasting, trem-ridden black metal of the purest sort. From the opening of “Pt I: Do deju vstupovat a stavby, v narušenost sten…” to the closing of “Pt V: Cožpak ta nejvetší díla vznikají z nedbalosti?”, Nauky Ruznic will grab you by the neck and refuse to let go. Captivating yet acerbic; cathartic and frostbitten: this is a grand statement against what black metal has become and what black metal should be.

Written for Metal Observer.