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A Masterpiece - 100%

Enstrangement, July 15th, 2008

Kult I originally found by chance flicking through promotional band videos then to find Kult’s promotional video for their now first full length album “Winds of War.”

The Album:
A masterpiece of Black Metal, the album has definitely been thought through well, as the production is a perfect balance between all instruments as each instrument can be heard through out the album easily with out having to get closer to your hi-fi or stereo to try and pick out certain instruments, which unfortunately is the case quite frequently with a lot of bands. The lyrics are very well written and with no doubt give that very strong atmosphere to the album.

The opening to the album is a melodic flow which leads you straight into the brutal yet melodic rhythm of Kult. This transaction then slightly changes into the third song entitled “Guerriero di un tempo perduto” this then demonstrates that Kult is able to keep up the fine tuned melodic pace with blast beating drums. Which very much shows the band as great musicians, showing they can be creative and cover most aspects of black metal of which fans look for. The album further rips through melodic guitars with fast paced drums and perfect pitched vocals.

Then surprisingly an instrumental is placed near enough in the middle of the album. This instrumental is different from many, it blends so well within the album. It brings real atmosphere to the album and defines really what Kult are as a group and what they may have to show us in the future.

The album then returns to the melodic rhythms and some slow mixed with medium paced drums with the vocals ringing in tune in your ears. Then you can easily tell when the album is being brought to a close as the song “Final Embrace” slows the pace of the album to then further slows down the pace of the last two songs. Then into the continuation of the beginning intro track which fittingly leads into the close of the album, which personally left me stunned and in awe of what I had just heard.

This album astonished me and left me just wanting more as not many bands do. This album is a very interesting listen and if you are a fan of bands that can show a full frontal assault with a unique twist that shows great atmosphere and potential.