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A very average speed metal album - 40%

UltraBoris, November 12th, 2002

It's hard to screw up speed metal, but it is easy to just go through the motions and make an album that really doesn't give much to the genre, especially for 1987. Greg "I was in Megadeth for three days" Handevidt is the main guitarist on here, and it's pretty obvious why Dave Mustaine fired him - the riffs are decent but generally sameish over the whole album, and the leads pretty uninspired.

It actually starts off kinda strong, but then goes nowhere... Death Breath has a dumb title, but is a cool song. Mongrel Horde, also known as Fall To Your Knees, isn't bad either and has a nifty thrash break... then the rest. Well, again, it's not bad, just nothing really overtly memorable. Some cool solos but the riffs are generally forgettable. Down to the Inferno rides the same riff for about five and a half agonising minutes, and also has a grating chorus to boot.

So, in conclusion, it's just yet another album out of many. If you like 80s speed metal with the occasional thrash bit - i.e. if you're me - you'd enjoy it. I give it a spin every once in a while.