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Tunes from the Sea of Doom. - 85%

Nightrunner, October 30th, 2006

So finally after some long years KRUX are back with their second album, simply titled “II”. We know what we can expect when there is a release with doom-master Leif Edling’s name on it, heavy and mighty doom metal. Has he succeeded with that on this album too ? Of course he has.

The first Krux album was extremely heavy doomy metal just as we want it, it did have a raw and heavy production too. With this album, the production and the sound picture is even more rawer and the keyboards and sound effects is more clear this time, and is used more often. The keyboards are used just the right way, to create a cool mystical atmosphere. And they do make the album sound really powerful, and does the coolest and mightiest sounds I’ve heard in a long time. Another thing that has been changed to this album is that Leif hasn’t written all songs. 3 songs are written by guitarist Jörgen Sandström and a friend of his named Kenth Philipsson. These three tracks are “Lex Lucifero”, “Pirates” and “The Big Empty”. The first two named are good and heavy songs, but still I feel them as the two “weakest” on the album. Though, “The Big Empty” with it’s heavy and really metallish riffs and a cool chorus, is on the greater side. Let’s talk about some other faves.

“Depressive Strokes Of Indigo” is in my eyes, maybe the best song on the whole album with it’s heavy main riff, swinging verses and it’s big and oh so fucking mighty chorus, possibly the best chorus that is released under the name KRUX. The chorus and the whole song must be heard to believe. The second, slow and emotional “Devil Sun” is my second favourite. Really slow, with much sound effects going on, and a really nice solo. And then at about 5:40 mark, comes the mightiest, coolest and greatest passage in a song in 2006. In this passage, we really talk about heavy and epic doom metal. What can be heard is heavy guitars and so in the background and keyboards and sound effects that sound like big diabolical choirs. This passage can’t really be explained in words, you simply have to listen to it and then you’ll have your chin on the floor, possibly impossible not to get goosebumps to it if one digs epic doom metal. When this part and song has been ended, the third song “Sea Of Doom” enters. Of course, heavy and slow riffs, cool verses, and a mighty chorus. This songs shifts between heavy and calm passages and it’s great. These three songs are my Top 3 of the album, the songs that are not mentioned are all heavy doom, and none is a weak track. I only see “Pirates” as the only mediocre of the album.

So obvious is that Leif and the guys has once again created the doom metal album of the year, again ! The whole band makes a great performance, and most of all, Mats Levén once again shows what a great singer he is, top notch as always. Also, worth mentioning is the simple yet awesome album cover. And now with all uncertainty with Candlemass, which now are without a vocalist. I do strongly suggest that Mats should be one of the nominated to be the next Candlemass-singers. He deserves it. And if you like doom metal, you deserve this album. Highly recommended !

3 best songs: Depressive Strokes Of Indigo, Devil Sun, Sea Of Doom