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The Titans stumble - 79%

BloodIronBeer, April 6th, 2007

After a few years of holding Colossal Titan Strife in such high regard, I was overly excited to hear this album. I never expected them to match that, but I was somewhat disappointed from the start. It's miles from being a bomb or any such thing - but there is something missing.

My main complaint is that it seems to have more elements of typical death metal, and even in a few moments reminiscent of Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession, Anata and that ilk. Which I really don't mind, but I'd prefer to not hear other influences from this band. I see the one thing missing is the frequent double speed blast beat which made the music extra intense before. Leaving the music to mostly be the same speed and intensity as your average death metal band. These things rob this album of former intensity and character.

It's not a complete loss, because this is surely still far above average death metal. The guitar work is not quite as fast, but it compensates with being extremely evil. Some riffs sound of Gorgasm type death metal. The vocals remain the same, low growls and high black metal screams, perhaps used a bit less in unison though. More tight drumming with just enough complexity. No presence of the bassist, however.

The songs Ouranian Cyclops and the opener Road of Salvation are excellent, perhaps worthy of Colossal Titan Strife. With the song writing finesse and pleasant unpredictable direction like the last album. There are moments of this throughout, but incorporated into a more traditional death metal feel in the rest of the album.

I might have expected more for Kronos' titanic standards, and my expectations may be unrealistic after this band released my favorite death metal album but this album is certainly welcome in my collection, and in the Kronos discography. A worthwhile album despite the mild disappointment.