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Bollwerk Kromlek is back again! - 82%

nilgoun, April 4th, 2011

The intro called Iron Age indicates that something is different, as it avails many keyboard melodies which are sounding somewhat like techno beats. Just as you might have started wondering, if you really are listening to Kromlek, the second song Nekropolis’ Fall is kicking in. The song varies in terms of tempo and beat and utilizes the well known vocals. Especially the end makes you feel like listening to the good old Kveldridhur.

Variation was written in capital letters as they composed Finis Terræ, as neither song structures nor melodies or often even language are akin to those of another song. The record is so full of variation, that not even Kromlek is akin to Kromlek. Confusing? Yep! Bad? Not necessarily.

While songs like Nekropolis’ Fall and the following Angrióð are following the traditions of their other records, there are songs like The Cocoon and Manjushri aus mir that are quite contrary through the extent use of keyboard sounds and you could be reminded of melodic death metal bands (for instance Children of Bodom). Since that is not enough, there is Moritvrvs Immortalis that resembles a bombastic pagan metal hymn, and Metropolitan Roots is another melodic death metal reference, but sounds more like the early Dark Age.

Another new element in their composition, besides those keyboard melodies that could be stolen from some techno songs, are the many guitar soli they are using, which are creating a high variation and accentuation in terms of orchestration. The icing on the cake is the clear, powerfull production, so that the main flaws are in the eye of the beholder.


There we are! Although variation in general is quite good, there might be too much stylistic variety on Finis Terræ, as mostly fans of the “old” Kromlek have to “endure” and tolerance some other genres as they might be used to. Although I could not really start to like the techno sounds themselves, I do not think that they are disturbing that much. As there is so much variation, all of you should listen to some samples before buying the record. The rating results of average value of those who will not like the new stylistic elements and those who will love them.
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