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Powerful blitzkreig of metal - 95%

mikedonn71, January 13th, 2012

As a 12 year old kid, I remember this song and most of the big hits off of the Scorpions' "Blackout" being played frequently on FM radio even in the Bible Belt. The lyrics are of the typical barbarian vengeance variety, as the woman that he loves is in peril. This song has a vibe similar to "Conan the Barbarian" and "Heavy Metal", two popular movies both from that era. Krokus' powerful vocal delivery and guitar work with a solid rhythm from the bass and drums make "Screaming in the Night" one of the best heavy metal songs of the '80s. This was years before Motley Crue popularized glam. Incidentally, Nikki Sixx had a long running feud with Mark Storace, Krokus' lead singer. If your tastes are more pro-classic metal and less chick rock, I suggest checking out this era of Krokus. They're just as good as the Scorpions or Accept and belong near the cream of the crop of central European metal.

Two Of Their Best Numbers - 90%

DeathRiderDoom, May 22nd, 2009

Krokus –Screaming in the Night (single)

As I state in my review for the full-length ‘Headhunter’, these happen to be two of the absolute strongest numbest present on the album – so what a great choice for a single. This excellent sampler, released in North America, would’ve made an excellent first taste of the band, in this, the period where they were in the process of ‘breaking into’ the American Market. In this sense, the choice of tracks on this little number is a wise decision – featuring what is perhaps their best ‘ballady’ number (though the pop-sounding ‘The Blitz’ contains a couple), alongside an energetic almost ‘power metal’ themed ‘Russian Winter.’ Pretty standard layout in terms of track choice in terms of commercial appeal too.

The A-side ‘Screaming in the Night’ is one of the finest tracks the band ever produced in my opinion, and is a love-song worthy of a position on any ‘Great Ballads’ compilation. What gets me is Storace’s powerful delivery of vocals, and the heart-wrenching chorus vocal, in which he layers 3 or so excellent takes of the vocal with an exceptional harmony which is thoroughly memorable. Really an excellent chorus here, which precedes an emotive guitar-lead section showcasing some good instrumental skill by axe men Von Arb and Keifer. These guys aren’t often cited as great contributors to the genre. Drums are mixed well into this masterpiece track with that classic reverb-heavy sound, and really accent the punchiness of the track. The use of the fade-out ending is thoroughly appropriate here too, accentuating the impact of the track. The lyrics of this one are pretty damn powerful, and aren’t really your standard ‘love song’ type lyrics by any stretch – rather the subject matter is incredibly epic, speaking of vengeance, battle, and so on. Executed with perfection, this is a truly great Krokus number.

The B-Side ‘Russian Winter’ is equally as epic, with powerful imagery combining with pace and gallop to craft an excellent high energy number. The opening lyric “Across the Volga, and down the plain, the tiger meets the bear” seals the deal, and from then on, the song is flawless. It’s pretty complex with perhaps the most impressive guitar lead trade offs present in the album it is taken from, with a ‘heavy metal’ subject matter in lyrics which I thoroughly enjoy. Vocal-wise, in enjoy the repeated, down-turned chant “Run for your life” at the end of the song, which is faded out. The verses are well-written with a structure that compliments the rumbling guitar well. The lyrics here are pretty great with talk of “spilling blood” and “full moon burning bright” etc – very much ‘metal’ but delivered with that distinctively Krokus melodic feel – making for a great combination. The heart-felt subject matter here seems to be equaled with an increase in intensity in the lead vocals; strong screams and great pitch by Storace. The twin guitar credentials of the band are best displayed in this epic number.

In summation an excellent promotional single; designed to be a sample of the band to American audiences – and what a sample. This disc features two of my favorite Krokus songs, both off my favorite Krokus album; ‘Headhunter’. Production is very top-notch, something that is obvious throughout with Krokus probably spending more on this recording session than any other to date. Worth checking out for those new to the band as it truly is a great sampler of what they have to offer.