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Melodic, clean, and beautiful. - 90%

giganticbrain, August 8th, 2008

It's something that's plagued all non-mainstream black metal for centuries, possibly even forever. Having a melodic and clean sound, while still sounded really good. All the new age black metal like Dark Funeral and Emperor can afford for fancy recording studios and what not, but what about the middle man? The not quite basement black metal project, but not yet completly mainstream? This is where Krohm kicks in, especially with his latest release. It is very clean sounding, and very melodic. It's the perfect combination making for an almost perfect album.

This album utilizes repetition, but don't let that scare you away from this album. Numinas uses different parts at different intervals, diminishing any forms of boring repetition. He also uses incredible synths, that reflect his depressing form of black metal. You can hear these very well in the track "Lifeless Serenade" which is the first track.

The second track, "I Respiri Delle Ombre" starts off very beautifully, and a different path from the other songs. It almost sounds happy....not really sad like the rest of the songs. I was taken aback by this delighting riff. Quickly the glory subsided into the normal depressing sadness we know as Krohm. Not like it was a problem; the first riff lasted long enough for me to be content.

Krohm has conquered new territory with the unveiling of his latest release. It'd definitely a step in the right direction. If you like hypnotic, depressing, melodic, clean, and (sometimes) happy black metal, be sure to pick this album up.