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One of the Better Albums I Own - 90%

freezingmoon666, November 10th, 2005

Although this cd is not very long, it makes up for it with its high replay value. Kristallnacht was playing NSBM before anyone really knew what NSBM was. And still, this release is better than what most NSBM bands today put out. The vocals are very raw and primitive, while the keyboard adds a melodic touch to it to create a very interesting and pleasing sound. Although not technical by any means, it gets the job done effectively, despite the simplicity of the music, but I think that is the appeal of this cd. It is not complex at all, and yet something draws you back, and makes you want to listen again and again. So overall, I'd say its excellent and its appeal goes beyond the NSBM community, and the BM community in general. Anyone who likes metal at all should at least give it a try. And covering Absurd never hurts.

Killer - 75%

Danthrax_Nasty, January 14th, 2004

The music on this album differs a bit as the album progresses. Being about 26 minutes in length, and consisting of 8 tracks this is a very cool album on whole. The production on some of the songs is very raw and not for all, and yet typical of cult black metal acts. Even though the majority of the tracks contain a drum machine the overall quality is not diminished substantially. The first 4 tracks are all great songs but are poorly recorded and total underground black metal. The second song Pesttanz (originally written by Absurd), recorded live at the Empire Festival June 2001, is the only song to actually contain a real drummer(Rimmon). Even though it is utterly raw the overall feel is established, and with the crowd getting into it and screaming along you can really bang you fuckin head to this one. Tracks 5-8 were formerally on the Warspirit MCD, and are the true highlights of this album, other than the Absurd cover of course. With a highly prominent sythn, and a guitar sound that is some what ordinary for the genre these tracks are very cool none the less. The vocals on the album maintain a fairly similiar sound through out, but have there moments. As far as the riffs go they are not very complex but hold that old school dark hatefull sound, and have a original touch to them. This album is for the Elite as the album's title suggests. Overall this is a prime cut of some killer tunes, and a cult piece of black history. Two Devil Horns Raised In Hatred!!