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A Devastating Beginning - 89%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, August 12th, 2008

This EP is necessary in your collection if you really want to know how much Krisiun were ahead for the period. Few bands in 1994 were able to create such a massive and pounding release and Krisiun already showed no mercy if we are talking about pure blast beats devastation. Black Force Domain would have been recorded the year after and the style is quite similar with the exception of the production that is still a bit raw and less powerful for the volumes.

Anyway, few grunts are the intro to the very first massacre that is called “They Call Me Death”. In its rawness, the production is always able to exalt all the instruments perfectly and the fury united to the technique is already one of the biggest components in Krisiun’s music. The solos are full of fast tremolo pickings but also fast pickings on the scale, to create a hyper fluent and fast sound. Alex’s vocals are a bit hidden in the underground with a sort of echoing sound like they are coming out from a cave and this adds more obscurity to a sound always in balance between the classic brutal death and the black metal.

“Crosses towards Hell” is great because shows also excellent open chords fast riffage united to fast bass drum parts to create a sort of a march towards hell. The inevitable blast beats enter almost immediately and there’s nothing left to save. The guitars are hyper distorted in some parts and the solos are simply amazing for the destructive burden. Being quite short, these compositions really sum up everything done by Krisiun during their first part of the career: impact, malevolence, brutality and darkness. “Agonize the Ending” and “Rises From Black” differ a bit from the other tracks in sounds because they were taken from a 7’’ and the sounds are more dry out and essential, conserving the madness of the brutal death metal inside.

All in all, a great, devastating debut on EP that is just a prelude for the massacre operated through one of the most violent albums ever done in metal, Black Force Domain. The nihilist, destructive will of this band knows no boundaries and the young age of the members here involved makes the whole matter seem more inhuman and unbelievable.