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enigmatech, December 16th, 2011

2011 has been a tough year for many metal fans. Classic bands such as Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Vader, Immolation, etc. have all released great albums this year, and then newer bands like Obscura, Decapitated, Gorgasm, Belphegor, Aurora Borealis, etc. also released really great albums in some people's opinions. Well, while all these albums were fighting a vicious, brutal battle trying to decide who is the king of death metal in 2011, motherfucking Krisiun comes riding out from a void in the sky on an undead steed, sword held high, causing heads to turn and mouths to fall agape at the descending doom. Krisiun are here to show all the other bands of today how real death metal is done, crushing skulls and decapitating hapless bystanders in the name of pure brutality. With "The Great Execution", Krisiun have shown us yet again that they are the true kings to the throne of Brazilian death metal, and right after Vader's "Welcome to the Morbid Reich" this may be one of my favorite albums of the entire year.

If you were like me, and couldn't get enough of Krisiun's previous album, 2009's "Southern Storm", then you'll be happy to know that this album is definitely a step up in the songwriting department. Instead of a whole bunch of great songs that sort of expand upon the same general concept, we have a whole bunch of great songs that have a single point of reference but each accomplish a different goal. We have progressive rock-laden passages as well as flamenco guitar excursions in "Sword of Orion", as well as mid-paced, groove-based death metal in "Descending Abomination" and "Rise and Confront". Then we have jaw-dropping, epic numbers like "Shadows of Betrayal", which is probably my favorite song on this whole CD, which completely sum up the theme of the entire album and roll it up into one spicy, juicey burrito of great death metal...yum!!!

Of course, there are other songs that follow the classic Krisiun sound. "The Extremist" returns to the band's infamous fusion of Slayer-influenced breakdowns with Vader and Morbid Angel influenced riffs which are topped off by unrelenting blast beats, guttural shouts, and lyrics which combine imagery of war and battle with Satanism. Then there is "Extincao En Massa", which features a guy named Joao Gordo doing the vocals and sounds like a trip back in time to the early days of "Black Force Domain" and "Apocalyptic Revelation". However, the band never strays too far from their roots and the distinct Krisiun sound is still dominant throughout pretty much the entire album, so don't be worried about thinking you're listening to a different's all got that trademark sound that could only be of Krisiun.

Probably my favorite thing about this CD is Alex Camargo, who is the bass guitarist and death growler for the band. His voice here is much louder and clearer than on past albums, which sort of gives this album a similar feel to Vader's "Necropolis" CD, where the vocals were extremely clear and likely one of the main highlights of the entire CD. Here, though, it's impossible to overlook the extreme amount of talent that the band's guitarist Moyses Kolesene possesses. This man can do it all, but there's no doubt his real forte is guitar solos, which on this album are expertly crafted fusions of melody, creativity, and emotion blasting through your speakers at maximum volume, and add a bigger, more "epic" vibe to the music.

Overall, I really fucking enjoyed this CD. I would say there were some tiny awkward bits on the "Blood of Lions" track, and "Descending Abomination" isn't the best thing I've ever heard as far as Krisiun is concerned...but overall this was an extremely good album, and anyone who doesn't go and pick this up is really missing out. I would suggest you listen to the songs "The Extremist" and "Shadows of Betrayal" before you buy it, because those were my personal favorite tracks.