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Quick and a sucker punch - 75%

doomknocker, November 11th, 2011

Back many a year ago, it had been quite a while since Brazil gave the extreme music world an act worthy of attention. Now granted, there have been all sorts of bands that have tried to conquer the throne left vacated by the disintegration of Sarcafago and the worldwide stardom of Sepultura, but I’d not really seen (and heard) anyone worth their weight in Brazil nuts in terms of being able to be the next big thing from the rain forest up to that point. And then came Krisiun, and the throne was seemingly taken after several blisteringly fast and brutal affairs, showing that South America may have the kindling of death metal still aflame after all this time in stagnation. There may have been a misstep or two along the way (“AssassiNation”, anyone?) but as a whole, the KRISIUN boys showed enough moxie and energy to keep their diabolical hearts beating all throughout the music they continued to make.

And now, we come to their latest, “The Great Execution”, so let’s see if said energy has yet to hit a snag at all…

Straight away, one can tell this would end up being a bit of a different death metal beast, as much of the dulling, blinding speed is set aside in favor of more realistic songwriting, a few bouts of mid-range tempos and even a touch of harmony tossed in. There’s still some serious fury within the thick walls of guitar riffs and five-bullets-a-second drumming, if more streamlined and a bit more simplified to prevent complete and utter slack-jawed stymieing. It could be that the songs present don’t simply throw riffs at the listener, it could be the rather slower scheme of things, it could be the crisp and clear production, but whatever it is, it kept my attention pretty nicely, something most groups of their ilk aren’t able to do. Rarely do I come across a deathish act that does its thing coherently and creatively rather than simply aping many of their mid-90s influences in a manner more befitting hacks and fools, and lately Krisiun have been impressing me more and more the further attention I give them, and “The Great Execution” is truly no exception to the rule.

The guitars and bass tear at you with a fierce ferocity, leads and solos attempt to soothe amidst the portrait of violence thus created, the drumming pounds the listener into feeble submission, and the lead roaring speaks more volumes in its darkness than many other pitch-shifted growlers/squealers out there. There may not be a lot of depth and structure involved, but then again, this kinda thing doesn’t usually require a firm ear to appreciate; anger for the sake of anger doesn’t really need it, as long as it’s done correctly and can still be a strong piece of work in the end, to which this latest record is able to accomplish. Which is a fine thing to do for this reviewer, he who doesn’t really care for most death metal out there, and songs like “The Will to Potency”, “Descending Abomination”, and “Rise and Confront”, while not able to change my mind on the genre wholly, do their best to at least keep my mental attentive juices piqued.

In the end, I dug “The Great Execution” a great deal. I may have been wrong on these guys in the past (it happens), and the future may bring me back to the KRISIUN rain forest camp time and time again for all I know. If not, I can at least appreciate and check this little doozy out to my dark heart’s content. Recommended.

Originally written for The Offering