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The Great Execution - 80%

HellFire Dragon, April 29th, 2014

This is a powerful follow-up and it kind of goes to show that even late into their career Krisiun can still produce another brutal album, and even with the standard that Southern Storm had set looming above their heads, they didn't back down and produced another.

The acoustic guitar intro to "The Will To Potency" really gives it that Latin American atmosphere before the guitar and drums blow it out of the way. This is my favourite song from the album because of its powerful beat and truly brilliant death growls, also as in "Violentia Gladiatore", but on the negative side the songs do drag a bit and at times will sound similar or just not distinct enough after listening to the whole album, and the overall playing speed seems slower than what you get in Southern Storm.

The biggest issue I have here is the track "Extinção em Massa". Now I have nothing against a band having a guest musician appear in their music because it gives it that something extra, but if I'm brutally honest, "Extinção em Massa" is the worst death metal song I've ever heard. Not only are João Gordo's vocals way too soft in comparison to Alex Camargo, but it sounds like a guy has gotten himself stoned and convinced himself he can sing death metal when really he is just jabbering at ridiculously fast speeds. It has nothing to do with it being in Portuguese, it's just way too fast to even comprehend. If Krisiun had sung it themselves in a slower, more punctuated fashion in line with the rest of the album, I wouldn't have a problem with it, but I feel like it is a potentially awesome song ruined. I couldn't even bring myself to rip it onto my computer when I bought the CD it's that terrible.

A lot of the songs seem to lose their tone halfway through. Seeing as most songs on here are at least 5 minutes long, I feel they definitely could have varied the speed and tone a lot more than they have done in this album. Otherwise, there's a good line of consistency within the album. The lyrics are possibly the easiest to decipher out of a lot of death metal bands I've heard, which in this case is a good thing. Slamming the principles of cowardice and tyranny down to the ground with pretty much perfect growls, it really adds to the anger behind the album's lyrical content.

The rest of the songs, however, do feel more than sum up what the album is about, lyrics, artwork and all. I'd really suggest you get your hands on the version with the bonus re-recording of "Black Force Domain". It's worth it.