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Killing Machine - 85%

GrobSatan, November 23rd, 2011

Among a couple of other huge names, Krisiun stands proudly as a monument for consistency in death metal world: consisted of three brothers Moyses, Max and Alex this band hasn’t changed their lineup from its inception (apart from two additional members) and have been churning high quality music for almost twenty years now.

Krisiun ascended to stardom in the second half of the nineties, which is generally considered as low period for death metal altogether, with their poisonous brand of South American madness elevated to new heights of brutality (I still remember well how “Conquerors of Armageddon” kicked me in the balls hard way back in 2000 – I really had a hard time believing the aggression of it). String of successful albums and high profile tours are behind them, they are considered as role models for young hordes in their country so one might rightfully say that they have nothing to prove to anyone...

But from the first listening of their 8th full length “The great execution” it is very obvious that these three lunatics still have some fire burning under their asses and desire to develop even further. I can safely note that “The great execution” continues right where their previous two “AssassiNation” and “Southern storm” left off and that is more various arrangements without sacrificing the bare brutality that marked so strong their old releases. First off I must give my comments about the production work: you see, the album was again recorded at Stage One studio with their old partner in crime Andy Classen but the band decided to use only analog equipment and that is more then notable, especially if you are listening the album on your headphones. Simply put, the sound is much more warmer and natural, even bass can be finally spotted amongst the chaos and this is maybe the best drum sound that they caught on tape in their career – and that was one of their main problems in the past (remember horrible clicky tracks on “Ageless venomous”?).

The music, as I have already mentioned, follows the route of the last two Krisiun outings and takes it even further as the guys have really developed their songs so “The great execution” clocks in around one hour which is the longest ever in band’s history. That fact is the biggest flaw in my eyes as some of the tension is just lost in the album longevity, “Southern storm” is the longest that this kind of brutal music should be and on this one it is more than notable. But luckily Krisiun know how to write some killer riffing and to back it up with machine gun drumming which is still their main weapon, mix that with some mid tempo headbanging parts and you have the winner.

There are also two notable guest spots which show the versatility of this release. First off, Marcello Caminha lends his talent on acoustic flamenco guitar on two songs that is really a fine twist when put against the wall of Death Metal lunacy the Krisiun way. “Extincao em massa” features the guest vocals of Joao Gordo from cult crossover Brazilian band Ratos De Porao and said track carries great Deathrash eighties’ feel, kinda reminscent to older Sepultura stuff and it is one of album’s highlighs for me.

It is very clear that Krisiun have put a lot of hard work to make one interesting album with “The great execution” and even though there are some minuses that I’ve spotted, Krisiun are still at the top of death metal food chain in this moment, and now they have good reason to go on the road once again to transfer their art to live in the live setting where they are strongest.