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Shock and Awe - 95%

Zetan, October 26th, 2008

2008 has been graced with not one, but two brilliant death metal albums. Origin - Antithesis and Brazilian destroyers Krisiun with their latest album, Southern Storm. I'm having a hard time deciding which is the better of the two. Antithesis is technically better but Southern Storm is sonically more destructive. For me Southern Storm clinches it, it gets more play time than Antithesis and I feel like smashing everything in sight when I listen to it. This album is vicious.

I need to touch on one aspect of this album. Although there is absolutely no comparison between Southern Storm and that god awful tripe that Metallica just churned out, Death Magnetic. This album is loud. I mean, REALLY FUCKING LOUD! The difference is that it's borderline. Death Magnetic is over the edge, way over. They destroyed Death Magnetic to the point that Metallica now has an entry under Loudness War in Wikipedia, and that isn't a good thing. Krisiun on the other hand get away with it on Southern Storm and the effect is skull smashing, face ripping brutality.

Southern Storm is to death metal what Stella Artois is to lager, affectionally called "Wife Beater" in the UK. I'm positive that this album can induce violence. If I were to go on a rampage across a battle field wielding an axe.. This is what I would be playing under my helmet. Opening with Slaying Steel, a war zone is declared. With targets ahead, the dead lay scattered behind. Limbs torn from bodies and faces disfigured beyond recognition. Nobody survives.

The cover of Sepultura's Refuse/Resist from the album Chaos A.D is the only let up Southern Storm has. As far as covers go, it isn't a bad one but a better choice could have been picked from an earlier Sepultura album, Beneath the Remains maybe or Arise.

I'm not very good at describing how an album sounds musically, all I can tell you is that this is a relentless work of carnage. It sounds very human and not mechanical like some albums, there are subtle changes in rhythm throughout that you notice and appreciate. It's these subtleties that give it a human feel. Krisiun are a tight unit and this is largely due to the fact that all three band members are brothers. Vocalist Alex Camargo avoids the use of pig squeals and guttural grunts and instead viciously spits out lyrics with such wrath that you are left with the wonder of just how raw it is. The lyrics are understandable which is an added plus for the album. The riffing is pummeling, the drumming is like bullets raining down around you. There are no fillers here, although Krisiun could have left Refuse/Resist off of the album. I'm not a fan of covers and I don't feel it adds any weight to the album.

This isn't glory metal.. It's Death Fuckin' Metal and it's demented.

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