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The top of extreme metal - 100%

YggdrasilinBlight, August 10th, 2008

The thoroughly original playing of brothers Alex, Max and Moyses of Brazilian extermination squad Krisiun, have always resulted in ruthless music more tightly bound than their blood ties. The bellicose trio sat on their hills of gold with “Assassination,” a punishing and unforgettable slab of death sophistication. However, their addiction to producing some of the best death metal out there needed to be satisfied yet again. You’ll get an overdose of bombastic, smooth as steel annihilation with their seventh full-length, “Southern Storm” the cataclysm of proof that Krisiun stand tall at the top of extreme metal.

There are no faint, instrumental intros here as “Southern Storm” begins with the full onslaught of a ripping hurricane. Instigating a world of violence “Slaying Steel” is unquestionably built upon the foundations of Krisiun’s trademark demolition death metal. This immense technical force combined with sheer truculence, continues for the entire duration of the album and keeps things interesting. “Twisting Sights” curls and unfurls like the tips of flames with unrelenting blast beats and a killer guitar solo. With a thundering entrance, welcome “Minotaur,” an earthquake bringing forth a feeling of belligerence. Dirge marching drums and spiraling riffs conjure up that great beast of lore. The cloaking atmosphere of “Massacre under the Sun” is dismal with all of the power of a lightning strike. Throw in a couple of effects and a melting solo near the end and this song is another standout.

The striking cover of fellow Brazilians Sepultura’s grand “Refuse/Resist” is unbelievable. Krisiun play the song as naturally as ones they’ve written and that’s precisely how it sounds, natural. Such pounding drive, whether you love the thrash legends or not, if you love Krisiun, this song is it. The added brutality of an already strong classic makes this track absolutely addicting and a great tribute to Sepultura, as well as a wonderful piece of Krisiun’s history.

“Sons of Pest” is a dark song as the slight fuzz off of the guitars creates a subtle background sound of an insect swarm, making it quite dismal. “Black Wind” is a short acoustic part, but is majestic still and should not be seen as an obstacle to the carnage of the following track, “Whore of the Unlight.” Getting back to the blasphemous tags of “Assassination,” this album, of course, ends with the climax of the storm. Loathing in the instruments and hatred in the lyrics, a very distinct statement of anger is made here. Straight to it, “Whore of the Unlight” does not allow Krisiun’s latest torment to end miserably.

“Southern Storm” sees Krisiun stretch their borders to even higher horizons, building upon the incredible blasts and guitar squeals of past works. Eighteen years of hellfire and they increase the temperature with every release. Either buy two copies of this disc or put this on your mp3 holder of choice, because it will be worn out as these thirteen crushing tracks will keep your attention to the very end. “Southern Storm” is an overdose of skill and ingenuity, so prepare your ears for the oncoming storm that is Krisiun!