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Krisiun - Southern Storm - 85%

MethylinInfo, March 2nd, 2009

Krisiun - Southern Storm (Century Media Records/2008)

This release is from my standpoint better than their last few efforts. I'd say it's their best since 'Conquerors Of Armageddon'. The riffs aren't as noteworthy as that release though. I think that they're more versatile now then they have been in past releases. It's not just blast beating galore there's a lot more variety now. There's also an acoustic piece entitled "Black Wind" which was well composed. It shows a different side of Krisiun than we're used to. They also cover Sepultura's "Refuse/Resist" off of 'Chaos AD' album. Awesome cover! In terms of the vocals, Alex still dishes out the same brutal low bellowing vox as usual. The leads by Moyses are still phenomenal. He's one amazing shredder that's for sure. The drums by Max are tight as ever. With the different tempos now too he's still solid on that end. The production by Andy Classen is superb. Every instrument and vocal outputs were very solid from my perspective.

For the most part, the songs aren't as repetitive as they were in the past. Like I said, with this release they show more variety to their music. This 3-piece act has been around since 1990! I think that they should get another guitarist though. They originally had 2 guitarists but I suppose that he dropped out of the band. 'Southern Storm' is over 50 minutes in length. The songs are 3-4 minutes long except for the instrumental which is less than a minute. This album at times is still somewhat repetitive but I think it's much less so than previous releases.

Krisiun's lyrical content hasn't changed any. They still sing about Satanism, anti-Christianity and Darkness ( Kind of reminds me of Deicide though I think that for Krisiun it's just a gimmick with their lyrics. My favorite tracks here are "Slaying Steel", "Combustion Inferno" and "Origin Of Terror". Overall, these guys have made some changes to their music in a good way.