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When Past and Future Collide - 88%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, August 19th, 2008

I’ve always loved Krisiun for their unmatched brutality and any time they put out a new effort it was like the first time I listened to that Black Force Domain that simply one of the most brutal death metal efforts ever in the history of this music. The years have passed since that period and Krisiun have grown up musically and mentally, through always good albums that, going on, pointed more on the technique united to the always present bulldozer heaviness.

Works Of Carnage I think was the very first album to introduce new elements in their sound and fill the song with various, less monotonous and violent stop and go to break a bit the furious, continue blast beats that was a characteristic of the early efforts. Since that album, the things started to change a bit for them and this new Southern Storm is a logical follow up to their two previous works. The new elements go very well with the old style brutal death by the band.

The new sounds concern mostly the guitars parts. There are more progressive and technical breaks by the axe man Moyses and they can be found almost everywhere here and the various stops in the songs are a quite new direction by the band. Yeah, they cannot play like Black Force Domain forever and I understand them when they decide to point on less impulsive and less fast parts to fill the songs: they are less monotonous and these parts work very well. Don’t worry anyway because they are always heavy as fuck and truly pounding.

The production is now not too clear like in the previous efforts. Let me explain, it’s perfect but conserves always that dirty touch a death metal band should have on CD, so it can be considered a way between Works Of Carnage and Apocalyptic Revelations. As always, the guitars and the drums are massive in their distortion and in the way they are played. Max is always inhuman in its neverending bass drum stops that fill even the more mid paced parts, while the parts by Moyses are a mixture of hyper blasting palm muting riffs and technical solos.

The songs are generally not too long for a death metal band. They have the right length and that’s good to let appreciate a death metal album that consists of 50 minutes of music. For someone could seem very hard but these guys are very good and some different songs like “Minotaur” and the cover “Refuse/Resist” are able to break in the right time the sonic power of the other songs to insert different, less monolithic parts. Talking about the cover, I can only say that is one of the best I’ve heard and maybe the choice of a song that represented the “new” period for Sepultura could be interpreted as the will to change a bit for Krisiun too.

“Combustion Inferno” and “Twisting Sights” are just two more examples of how Krisiun this time really pointed on progressive, dissonant riffs alternated to devastating blast beats restarts. Also the palm muting riffs for the rhythmic guitars are now full of galloping parts and less tremolo pickings that sounded so evil in the past. Overall, it’s a very good return for the Brazilian masters of brutal death. Here it depends mostly on how you accepted some changes about the sounds…the die-hard fans could find this a bit weird but I think that with this mix of “new” and “old”, Krisiun tried to satisfy anyone and it worked with me.