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The Brazilians take over in 2008 (1 of 2) - 89%

Arboreal, December 16th, 2008

If you played this album at the same time as Torture Squad's Hellbound, the world would come to an end. Don't try it. There are badass riffs here. Lots of them. They are running amok, slapping your mum, and pooping on the rug there are so many. Certainly they could've fit in even more, but why do such an absurd thing when you've already got THIS many awesome ones?

Sure...the riffs are heavy, loud, and have distortion as usual. The guitars are a downtuned a bit, but I'd guess no lower than C. All the riffs are predominately fast, blistering, and tremolo picked in the lower registers. He mixes it up well with power chords and palm muting. The riffs have a certain thrash quality at times due to an occasional choppy or start/stop feel. Excellent phrasing overall. The guitar sound is quite pleasing and definitely at the forefront of the mix. There's even a few shredding solos around. Pretty impressive scalar runs. Kinda reminds me of some stuff I've heard Petrucci do using the neck pickup to get a clearer, rounder tone where you can distinctly hear all the notes. Very precise guitar player. The solos are few in number and he does liven them up with some melodic lines and even a couple sustained, soaring bends! He definitely likes the wah pedal and he gets a killer tone with it when used. Not really like a Michael Schenker tone since he does use his foot more to sweep the sound, just not constantly. He's not all over it as to sound like some 70's porno.

Southern Storm is loud. Very loud. Not that I'm unaccustomed to clipping...I live on a diet of extreme metal from noon til night. This album is damn loud for even modern metal though. Crikey! Thankfully it's done well. I haven't put it in a WFE or anything, but I'm betting it's mastered to an average of something like -0.3 dB. For the unaware, that's about as loud as you can go without sounding like slush in a blender, up a cat's rectum. Careful with the volume controls before you hit the play button!

There are tons of blast beats on here. The bass drums are triggered and processed to sound massive. They're quite up front in the mix (but not over the guitars) and they have a slight smacky sound which I'm guessing is the beater against the drum head. It's not too overbearing but definitely there. Pretty trebley. With a fast, locked in snare that was all triggered to hell, I imagine this might have verged into typewriter territory. However, the drumming is varied enough not to sound like a machine. Not every beat is blasting either. Perhaps two thirds of them are blasts overall so it's certainly achieves a nice balance in the brutal attack on your eardrums. Also, the drumming is an impressive display of technique. He's quite fast and the fills can be pretty complex. I don't know if this was quantized at all (probably -- it's basically a form of beat correction if you didn't know). Regardless, this guy appears to have some serious skills.

These three Brazilians are brothers, by the way! Lots of musical talent in that family. I haven't heard a lot of Krisiun's other material, but Southern Storm is easily one of 2008's best and one of my favorite metal albums period. You get 51 minutes of near constant assault, pummeling riffs, and earthquake-inducing percussion. The vocals are deep and he sounds like some apeshit caveman about to club a motherfucker. They are absolutely perfect for the music. Southern Storm is so god damn loud and ass kicking that I would vote for it to be put into immediate circulation at Guantanamo Bay. Actually, this might be TOO god damn loud and ass kicking. Playing this recklessly could cause revolts and uprisings! Panic! Mob rule! It's a lethal fucking weapon of sonic war.